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ALI PROJECT Jinsei Bimi Raisan Album

[Album] ALI PROJECT – Jinsei Bimi Raisan [Mp3 / 320 kbps]

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Band/Singer : ALI PROJECT
Title Album/Single : Jinsei Bimi Raisan [人生美味礼讃]
Type : Album
Genre : Jpop
Format: Mp3 / 320 kbps
Release Date: 2020.07.29
Password : jpoplibs

Tracklist ALI PROJECT Jinsei Bimi Raisan

Disc 01
01. Dokumiyaku (毒味役; Poison Taster)
02. Jinsei Bimi Raisan (人生美味礼讃; Praise the Delicacy of Human Life)
03. Koisuru Wagyuu (恋する和牛; Beloved Wagyu)
04. Shouwa B-Kyuu Gete Guidou (昭和B級下手喰い道; Shouwa B-Class' Poor Ways of Eating)
05. Kinoko Kyouran Bimiraisan (茸狂乱美味礼讃; Maddened Praise of the Delicacy of Mushrooms)
06. Shuryou Reijou Gibier Nisshi (狩猟令嬢ジビエ日志; Hunting Lady's Game Journal)
07. Kurau Onna (喰らう女; Devouring Woman)
08. Odokumi LADY (お毒味LADY; Poison Tasting Lady)
09. Ren'ai Bunshi Gastronomy (恋愛分子ガストロノミー; Love Molecule Gastronomy)
10. Momoiro Tengoku (桃色天国; Pink Heaven)
11. Maison de Bonbonnière
12. Aru Shuudoushi no Kokkai (或る修道士の告解; A Certain Monk's Confession)
13. La Fée Verte~Absanist no yoru Ongaku-teki Kokoromi (La Fée Verte~アブサニストによる音楽的試み; The Green Fairy~A Musical Attempt by Absanist)
14. Strawberry Pie wo Otabe~Unmei Hen (ストロベリーパイをお食べ~運命編; Eat Strawberry Pie~Destiny Chapter) (Regular Edition only)

Disc 02
1. Gekkou Soiree (月光ソワレ; Moonlight Soiree (instrumental)
2. Akai Suiren no Gogo (紅い睡蓮の午後; Afternoon of Crimson Water Lilies)
3. Narcisse Noir (ナルシス・ノワール; Black Narcissus)
4. Tenshi ni Yosu (天使に寄す; Approaching the Angel)
5. Lolita in the Garret
6. Rakuen Soushitsu~Paradise Lost (楽園喪失; Paradise Lost)
7. Coppelia no Hitsugi (コッペリアの柩; Coppelia's Coffin)
8. Kyougetsutei de Aimashou (共月亭で逢いましょう; Let's Meet at the Moon Pavillion)

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