FILE INFO Artist & Title: Aimyon – Shunkanteki Sixth Sense [FLAC]Artist & Title (Org.): あいみょん – 瞬間的シックスセンスFile Format: FlacArchive: RARRelease Date: 2019.02.13 TRACKLIST & SIZE 01. Only Under the Full

FILE INFO Artist & Title: Wagakki Band – Vocalo ZanmaiArtist & Title (Org.): 和楽器バンド – ボカロ三昧File Format: FlacArchive: RARRelease Date: 2014.04.23 TRACKLIST & SIZE Filename Size 01 Tangakku.flac 39.36 MB 02 Setsuna

File Info Artist & Title: Uverworld – Uverworld Artist & Title (Org.): Uverworld File Format: M4aArchive: RARRelease Date: 2019.12.04 Tracklist UVERworld – UNSER 01.Making it Drive02.AFTER LIFE03.Touch off04.境界05.stay on06.First Sight07.ODD

FILE INFO Artist & Title: ONE OK ROCK – Jinsei x BokuArtist & Title (Org.): File Format: FlacArchive: RARRelease Date: 2013.03.05 01 Introduction ~Where idiot should go~.flac 6.58 MB 02 Ending

Description TrySail to release new single featured as the main theme song to theatrical anime “High School Fleet” coming to theaters in Jun. 18, 2020. Shiina Natsukawa, Sora Amamiya, and

File Info Artist & Title: RADWIMPS – Weathering With You complete versionArtist & Title (Org.): RADWIMPS – 天気の子 complete versionFile Format: FlacArchive: RARRelease Date: 2019.11.27 Tracklist RADWIMPS Weathering With You

FILE INFO Artist & Title: L’Arc~en~Ciel – The Best of L’Arc~en~Ciel 1994-1998 [FLAC]Artist & Title (Org.): L’Arc~en~Ciel – The Best of L’Arc~en~Ciel 1994-1998File Format: FlacArchive: RARRelease Date: 2003.03.19 TRACKLIST & SIZE 01