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Hinatazaka46 Hinatazaka album

Hinatazaka46 Hinatazaka [Album – Flac]

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Band/Singer : Hinatazaka46 [日向坂46]
Title Album/Single : Hinatazaka [ひなたざか]
Type : Album
Genre : Jpop
Format: Flac / Lossless
Release Date: 2020.09.23
Password : jpoplibs

Tracklist Hinatazaka46 Hinatazaka Mp3 Aac

Regular Edition

01 Overture.flac13.29 MB
02 Kyun.flac37.93 MB
03 Doremisollasido.flac40.16 MB
04 Konnani Sukini Nacchatte Iino.flac41.21 MB
05 Sonnakotonaiyo.flac37.69 MB
06 Joyful Love.flac35.56 MB
07 Tokimekisou.flac33.80 MB
08 Footsteps.flac38.45 MB
09 Kitsune.flac29.74 MB
10 Masaka Guzen.flac32.43 MB
11 Seishun No Uma.flac39.83 MB
12 Azatokawaii.flac31.63 MB
13 My fans.flac30.59 MB
14 See Through.flac33.83 MB
15 Yakusokuno tamago 2020.flac38.37 MB

Type A

01 Overture.flac13.25 MB
02 Azatokawaii.flac31.59 MB
03 Seishun No Uma.flac39.79 MB
04 Doremisollasido.flac40.11 MB
05 Kono natsuwo jamni shiyo.flac34.71 MB
06 Kitsune.flac29.69 MB
07 Sonnakotonaiyo.flac37.64 MB
08 Konnani Sukini Nacchatte Iino.flac41.17 MB
09 Kyun.flac37.89 MB
10 Hontono Jikan.flac37.14 MB
11 My God.flac32.75 MB
12 Dash & Rush.flac32.48 MB
13 Dareyorimo takaku tobe! 2020.flac38.71 MB
14 Hinatazaka.flac31.00 MB
15 Joyful Love.flac35.52 MB

Type B

01 Overture.flac13.22 MB
02 Doremisollasido.flac40.08 MB
03 Nazee.flac33.33 MB
04 NO WAR in the future 2020.flac36.05 MB
05 Tada gamusharani.flac29.48 MB
06 Azatokawaii.flac31.56 MB
07 Cage.flac33.74 MB
08 Doushite amedato ittandaro.flac41.21 MB
09 Kawawa Nagareru.flac36.54 MB
10 Konnani Sukini Nacchatte Iino.flac41.14 MB
11 Kyun.flac37.86 MB
12 Sonnakotonaiyo.flac37.61 MB
13 Kitsune.flac29.66 MB
14 Seishun No Uma.flac39.76 MB
15 Joyful Love.flac35.49 MB

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