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Indigo la End Yakou Himitsu album

Indigo la End Yakou Himitsu [Album – Flac]

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Band/Singer : Indigo la End
Title Album/Single : Yakou Himitsu [夜行秘密]
Type : Album
Genre : Jpop
Format: Flac / Lossless
Release Date: 2021.02.17
Password : jpoplibs

Tracklist Indigo la End Yakou Himitsu Mp3 Aac

1. Yakou (夜行; Night Travel)
2. Yokaze to Hayabusa (夜風とハヤブサ; Night Wind and Falcon)
3. Hana ni Blue (華にブルー; Blue Flowers)
4.Tulip (チューリップ)
5. Hidari Koi (左恋; Left Love)
6. Tamayura (たまゆら; fleeting Moment)
7. Furarete Mitandayo (フラれてみたんだよ; I Tried to Flutter)
8. Yoasari (夜漁り; Night Fishing)
9. Fushigi na Manma (不思議なまんま; Mysterious as It Is)
10. Okute (晩生; Late Life)
11. Sazanami Sama (さざなみ様; Rippled State)
12. Katamatte Yorokonde (固まって喜んで; Willing to Solidify)
13. Yakouchuu (夜光虫; Noctiluca)
14. Yoru no Koi wa (夜の恋は; Night Love Is)

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