Request Flac / Hi-Res Files Here!!

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If you wish to request a Flac / Hi-Res album / Live Concert, please comment below. I will upload it within 1-2 days after the request (it depends a lot on the request).
please check back to this website in the next 1-2 days to download the Flac / Hi-Res file that you have requested
Thank You

Broken Link

If there is a broken link or wrong password, please comment on the album / single post (or it could be here), we will immediately fix the broken link

68 thoughts on “Request Flac / Hi-Res Files Here!!

  1. Is it possible to request the HIGEDAN LIVE AT NIPPON BUDOKAN from Official HIGE DANdism – live concert?? 🥺

    1. Official HIGE DANdism one-man tour 2019 @ Nippon Budokan ? i have a file, but a size is very big 33gb 🙁

  2. Hello again, can you upload Novelbright again? 「Novelbright – En. 」That’s the album’s name. Thank you

      1. thanks, POWWER is a split single. they have a 2019 “The Shape of Techno to Come”, 2017 “J≠POP” and 2016 “marble≠marble”.

  3. Hi, can you upload the 18th single of Sexy Zone – Run and the 2nd album of King & Prince – L& ?

  4. Dou you have this?
    All Naruto OP FLAC
    All Naruto Shippuden OP FLAC
    All Naruto Shippuden ED FLAC
    If you have it, Can you upload it?

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