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If you wish to request a Flac / Hi-Res album / Live Concert, please comment below. I will upload it within 1-2 days after the request (it depends a lot on the request).
please check back to this website in the next 1-2 days to download the Flac / Hi-Res file that you have requested
Thank You

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If there is a broken link or wrong password, please comment on the album / single post (or it could be here), we will immediately fix the broken link

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  • the beat garden - marriage song rar

194 thoughts on “Request Flac / Hi-Res Files Here!!

  1. Is it possible to request the HIGEDAN LIVE AT NIPPON BUDOKAN from Official HIGE DANdism – live concert?? 🥺

    1. Official HIGE DANdism one-man tour 2019 @ Nippon Budokan ? i have a file, but a size is very big 33gb 🙁

  2. Hello again, can you upload Novelbright again? 「Novelbright – En. 」That’s the album’s name. Thank you

      1. thanks, POWWER is a split single. they have a 2019 “The Shape of Techno to Come”, 2017 “J≠POP” and 2016 “marble≠marble”.

  3. Please upload ano yume wo nazotte flac and single kokuhaku bunny jump from halca thanks

  4. Hi, can you upload the 18th single of Sexy Zone – Run and the 2nd album of King & Prince – L& ?

  5. Dou you have this?
    All Naruto OP FLAC
    All Naruto Shippuden OP FLAC
    All Naruto Shippuden ED FLAC
    If you have it, Can you upload it?

  6. Can you upload this concert from Uso to Chameleon “ONEMAN LIVE TOUR FINAL 2019.7.5 at LIQUIDROOM”? It was originally in the limited edition of the album Jugem.

  7. Hello.

    Can you upload 26 Ji no Masquerade – Churu Summer! (Special Edition)? I’ve been looking for an audio file of this album for a long time.

    If possible, can you upload both FLAC and MP3 versions of the album?


  8. Hello! I’m a new! Can I request Various Artists「舞台 おそ松さんon STAGE ~SIX MEN’S SONG TIME2~ サティスファクション」

  9. Hello! I’m a new! Can I request Various Artists「舞台 おそ松さんon STAGE ~SIX MEN’S SONG TIME2~ サティスファクション」

  10. Hi can you upload these?

    Suneohair – Kiss me quickly (2017)
    Suneohair – ALL SINGLES BEST -2018-
    Suneohair – SUN!NEO!AIR! (Re-Mastered edition) (2005)

    Please upload it in mp3 (320kbps)

  11. hello! can you upload king & prince “Love Paradox” and “今君に伝えたいこと” ?
    Thank You So Much!!

  12. Hi! Can you upload MISIA’s さよならも言わないままで? Would be very appreciated, thanks!!

  13. Hi! Can you upload utasorogoto from Band Gokko?
    I would appreciate it too much
    Also thanks for the hard work! You are amazing

  14. Hello, can I request King & Prince “今君に伝えたいこと” & “Love Paradox”?

  15. Hello, Can I request Tundra Album, 8 Album, Slow Dance Single, Suneohair Album, Akai Coat Single, Sakasama Bridge mini Album, Rodeo mini album, Split single, Waltz Album, Watercolor Single, SUN! NEO! HAIR! Album .pleaseee onegaiiii

  16. kitri album primo in high res ideally, but i would take anything. that would make my life, i have been looking everywhere for it.

  17. hi, can i request SixTONES NEW ERA’s limited and regular editions’ coupling tracks? (Life in Color & Lemonade). thank you!

  18. Hi, may I request SE7EN – KONNI KONNI?
    I will make a contribution for this music if you have paypal.

  19. Hello, can you upload 駒形友梨 (Yuri Komagata)’s album [CORE], thank you very much!

  20. Hi! can i request the entire discography of these artists:
    – odd foot works
    – soko ni naru
    – ghost like girlfriend
    – kiki vivi lily
    sorry if it’s too much,, no pressure though^^; thank you very much! ><

  21. Hi admin, can you upload Sukima switch スキマノハナタバ 〜Love Song Selection〜 (Sukima no Hanataba ~Love Song Selection~) Album, thank you

  22. Hello :c
    can you upload some yuzu album(s) in flac? i’ve searched in a lot of webs, but i didn’t find anything :c

  23. hello u can fine “echoll” ? Sayonaramadeno30pun (Original Soundtrack), Sayonaramadeno30pun (ECHOLL Edition) it’s very good

  24. Please, release Dish – Neko single version and Sixtones – New Era limited version

  25. Hello! Can I request the album Namami from Natsuko Miyamoto (Mass of the fermenting dregs)?

  26. Hello! Excuse me, can I post a new single called SixTONES NEW EAR? All of the tracks. Thank you! ☺️✨

  27. Bigmama – snow motion e.p
    I can tell that this ep is not gonna be posted by other sites so It will be hard to find the album.
    and you’re the last hope to upload it

  28. Hi, can you upload
    fab! -Music speaks- (regular edition) / Hey! Say! JUMP
    I promise (regular edition) / King & Prince
    I hope you upload all track, Thank you!

  29. Can I request Hello! Can I request 平手友梨奈「ダンスの理由 – Single」Please! Thank you!

  30. Request please upload File [Alexandros] – Waterdrop / Kill Me If You can [FLAC Hi-Res] .. thank you admin.. please upload 🙂

  31. Can you please upload The Beach Boys (1997) OST?? I’m desperate here. Been searching for years.

  32. Request a song: Anri Kumaki – Kaze to Nagi (風と凪) and Anri Kumaki – Hikari no Toorimichi (光の通り道) [FLAC/ Hi-Res]
    i wont hope but i tried, Thank you!!!

  33. Hello i would like tor request 上白石萌音 “note book” but in flac (lossless) version basically the original version
    Thanks ! 🙂

  34. Please upload Baku by Ikumonogakari and Grandeur by Snow Man. Would really appreciate it.

    1. Hello, I am new to this page, I know the effort you make to upload a Japanese artist. There are two artist that I have tried download the song but cannot find. Could you please upload The Beat Garden-Marriege Song and Kalen Anzai- Secret Love, I thank you with all my heart.

  35. Could you please upload the group The Beat Garden- Marriage Song and Kalen Anzai – Secret Love, I thank you with all my heart.

  36. Hello! I would like to request Wagamama Rakia’s album “StartingOver” and their EP “Wagamamarakia” please. Thanks!

  37. Hey, I’d like to request Lovely Summer Chan’s LSC Album. If possible in FLAC or any other lossless format. Thank you.

  38. hi, there’s in program that could you upload shuukan umaki iku youbi (single or album) by johnny’s west?
    thank you so much

  39. Hello, I would like to request opening therme song from anime HORIMIYA
    name “Iro Kousui” by You Kamiyama. Possible in Lossless format.

    Thank you very much

  40. Hi I would like to request nissy new song get you back. I would really appreciate it if you got the song. I can not find it anywhere else and your the only website I trust to download music from.

  41. id like to request AAA albums: Gold Symphony, Way of Glory, Color a Life, AAA 15th Anniversary All Time Best -thanx AAA lot-/AAA 15th Anniversary -thanx AAA lot- thanks

  42. Hi! Can I request The Charm Park Live at Billboard. There is an audio file that I saw in Spotify. But I can’t find an album to download. Thank you.

  43. I would also like to request Reverse & Rebirth and Renaissance is over by The Charm Park too.

  44. Can you please upload mp3 files for Readymade Records Remixes and Readymade Digs Disney volumes 2 and 3? I am desperatly looking for those albums!

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